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Fear. Setbacks. Heartbreak. We all run into them. It’s how we navigate around them that separates those who move forward from those who just give up.

In “So What If I Crawled Backwards!” Susan Gregory takes us on another musical journey, spanning decades and musical styles, through some of her own personal roadblock navigation, which -- whether comic, heartbreaking or somewhere in between -- somehow managed to lead her to right where she’s supposed to be. She just may not have taken the most direct route to get there!

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You know how you think about where you are in life, versus where you want to be -- both professionally and personally -- and you think, "If I could only get THERE, . . ."? Through song and stories, Susan Gregory takes us on her own personal quest to get "there."

With Musical Director Darius Frowner, Ms. Gregory has paved a winding musical road that spans more than five decades (not to mention a few octaves), combining Broadway, pop, and rock and roll from various eras in new and interesting ways. From just starting out as an enthusiastic aspiring singer/actress in NYC, through the frustrations of juggling corporate survival jobs and auditions, to the ups and downs of love, and the constant self-reflection and sense of humor required to stay balanced through it all, Susan Gregory's journey, full of laughter and tears, is one we can all relate to, . . . and might just help us all get a bit more perspective on our own lives.

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